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As the urgency of our global situation becomes apparent, more and more readers are turning to the books of Afghan writer Idries Shah (1924-1996) as a way to train new capacities and new ways of thinking.

Shah has been described as “the most significant worker adapting classical spiritual thought to the modern world.” Shah’s lively, contemporary books have sold over 15 million copies in 12 languages worldwide. They have been reviewed by The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Times (London, see for example, Doris Lessing’s review), The Tribune, The Telegraph, and numerous other international journals and newspapers.

“The most interesting books in the English language”
—Saturday Review

“A major psychological and cultural event of our time”
—Psychology Today

“One is immediately forced to use one’s mind in a new way”
—New York Times

The instrumental function of Shah’s work is now well established among people from all walks of life. Stockbrokers, scientists, lawyers, managers, writers, physicians, and diplomats have found Shah’s literature for human development “extraordinary.”

“It presents a blueprint of the human mental structure.”
—Robert Ornstein

“Extremely useful in teaching students about management and computers”
—Thomas Malone, MIT

“Idries Shah provides the unique perspective that allows us to assess real motivations and social biases in a more accurate light.”
—E. Neilsen, Attorney at Law

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