The Road to the Future

There Is New Life On Our Planet


Presented by
Institute for the Study of Human Knowledge

A series of lectures 1989 – 1991
New York, San Francisco & other venues

with lectures by

photos of James Burk, Doris Lessing, Paul Ehrlich, Robert Ornstein, Edward T. Hall

How will we adapt to the world in the future? What from our past do we need to know?

The human mind is unprepared to face the modern. It evolved to suit a stable world where changes were measured in millennia, where populations were stable, and life changed little from century to century. Now the world of our children bears no relationship to that of our grandparents. It took millions of years to produce the first 2 billion population, the second was produced in 50 years. More people are added to the population each month than existed at the time of Christ, when our minds had certainly become modern. The road to the future will not be through the past, for biological evolution has not prepared us for a world in which communication is instant across continents, where thousands of images cross our path each day, and where we now control the fate of the earth and the biological future of our species. Biological evolution needs to give way to conscious evolution.


James Burke is known for his landmark series “Connections” and “After the Warming” and he has built an avid following among educators, students and intellectuals around the world.

Paul Ehrlich, perhaps the leading exponent of environmental issues, is a Stanford University biologist and author of the best-selling book The Population Bomb. He co-authored, with Robert Ornstein, New World New Mind.

Edward T. Hall is the renowned antropologist who has researched the hidden aspects of culture and how it impacts our lives. His books include The Hidden Dimension, The Silent Language and Beyond Culture.

Doris Lessing is the award-winning author of articles and books, including The Golden Notebook, Briefing for a Descent into Hell, The Good Terrorist and The Fifth Child, and has been an early student and proponent of conscious evolution.

Robert Ornstein is the Founder and President of The Institute for the Study of Human Knowledge, a lecturer, a psychologist and author of some 16 books on the human mind, including The Psychology of Consciousness and The Healing Brain.