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“The most important thing we inherit is the ability to go beyond our inheritance.”

             –Robert Ornstein, ISHK Founder

ISHK takes a multi-
approach to the questions of who we are, where we came from, and what we might become.

Past and Present

James Burke
René Dubos
Paul Ehrlich
Edward T. Hall
Doris Lessing
Jonas Salk
Idries Shah
David Sobel
Phil Zimbardo
and many others

We Are in a Race with Ourselves

First published in the 1970s, this ISHK publication posed questions of continued relevance for our current moment.

CE For Psychologists

Earn CE credit for reading books specially selected to help you respond to the unique challenges of the time.

Books for Covid Response 
Books on Race and Diversity

 More about Teaching-Stories

Enshrined in their characters, plots, and imagery are patterns and relationships that nurture a part of the mind not reachable in more conventional ways.

      More About Teaching-Stories 
Hoopoe Stories on YouTube

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